Ink Paintings: Martha Graham Class 1980-1983

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I find the pieces very evocative and beautiful in their form and proportion.               -Martha Graham

The study of Martha Graham dance 1979–1983, led to a series of calligraphic paintings where the intensity of the dance forms flowed spontaneously and ‘automatically’ from the brush into forms across the paper. The ink/brush technique paintings led to more gestural expressions and study of Japanese Zen enso circle forms connoting completion, fullness, inclusion and, yet emptiness.

The Graham paintings became seminal to my work leading to explorations of a personal and expressive nature. The work is my teacher; each piece brings the next.

The influence of the paintings can be seen throughout the work after 1980 both as subject and in form (plan).

SwoopStrength and Motion
Marks and Messages
Desaparecidos, Suffering Passes…
A Part / Apart
Sea Change / See Change
And others.

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