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In Healing, Mind and Body Enfold One Another, 1996
Medical Center Entryway, Canopy, Sculpture and Seating

Stainless Steel, Concrete, Construction Materials, 30 x 30 x 20′
Putinas Masalaitis, P.E. Structural Engineer
Rhett Jones, Architect
Richard Buchanan, Drawings and Presentation                 

This medical center portal is a space with a sense of holding and welcoming. A gestural enso painting, expressing the sense of “holding”, became the wall’s curved shapes; it is shown directly as a wall-mounted sculpture.

The written expression In Healing, Mind and Body Enfold One Another is mounted on one wall. This original phrase captures the spirit of the entrance space and its appropriateness for this building

Two asymmetric curving walls and a stepped-down ceiling portico extending over the drive define the area. The design includes stainless steel seating, and inscription; lighting enhances the curved walls and stainless elements. Studies of Japanese tokonoma, design influenced these forms.

The walls are cast-in-place concrete with a sand-finished surface and coated with a warm, gray coloring contrasting with other concrete walkways. 


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