There is one Buddha…

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There is One Buddha
There are Many Buddhas
So Much to Learn.
So Much to Unlearn.
6¾ x 8 x 1½’, Cedar, 2006
     Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg,PA, 2006
     Rosemont College, Bryn Mawr, PA, 2007
     James Michener Museum of Art, Doylestown, PA, 2008

“Fuhrman’s works are strongly infused with a Japanese sensibility of seeking centeredness, calm sublimation of ego, of stillness and contemplation.”Therese Dolan, 2004

I think of this work as a visual meditation of still and quiet. It has an asymmetrical, pyramidal form; the extending angled ‘top’ leans forward ever so slightly to encompass the viewer within its space. The flame-burned dark, deeply rich, wood-grained texture of the cedar speaks of a timeless depth and continuity.

This work recalls the control of the spaces commanded by the great 43 foot Kamakura “Buddha” (1252) which I spent  time with in Japan in 2000.


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