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James Fuhrman, Sculpture; Toshi Makihara Performance
James A. Michener Museum of Art, Doylestown, PA, 2008

Five Sculpture Installation:
—— Akebono…
—— There is One Buddha…
—— Revealed Lines…
—— Suffering Passes…
—— Samurai Resting…
—— Bench and Seating

Press Release: June 10, 2008

James Fuhrman Transforms Sculpture Garden at Michener Art Museum into Contemplative Space

Percussion artist Toshi Makihara offers collaborative “sound art” performance on July 18

DOYLESTOWN, PA — The James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown presents the exhibition Contemplative Spaces by Philadelphia sculptor James Fuhrman as part of the ongoing Outdoor Sculpture Program. Situated between the Museum and the Bucks County Library Center from July 19 through October 26, this exhibition of cedar, oak and painted steel sculptures includes four of the artist’s recent works as well as one new piece created specifically for this exhibition.

“Fuhrman makes bold, archetypal objects, which ask the viewer to not only consider his or her physical relationship to the work, but also to examine one’s spiritual place in the world,” explains Kristy Krivitsky, the Museum’s Associate Curator of Contemporary Art. “These pieces are quiet, yet strong; simple, yet powerful….”

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