Mark Warhol – Jeanne’s Fantasy

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Jeanne’s Fantasy 
Opera/Dance stage set: Painted wood, 6 x 20 x 6′, 2010
Boston, MA, June 10-12, 2011
A Fort Point Theatre Channel production featuring a collaboration between Ensemble Warhol, Mark Warhol, artistic director, and Contrapose Dance, Courtney Peix, artistic director. 
Composer: Mark Warhol                       Scenario: James Swindell                     
Conductor: Kim Diehnelt                       Choreographer: Eve Summer               
Costumes: Kathleen Doyle                   Lighting: Paul Marr

Full Performance: Video 

The changing set/sculpture is a metaphor of the libretto theme—attempting different forms until the ideal one is found—from a random, imperfect, setting to a final arrangement—of stillness and quiet—for a four minute pas de deux.

The two larger elements seem to be dependant on one another with the third separated from them creating an asymmetric tension that holds the viewer in the space.The two larger elements ‘lean’ on one another much like the Chinese character ‘ren’—people—two strokes requiring support from each other.


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