This house has an unparalleled beauty set in nature and offers superb visual pleasures throughout the year as the seasons change. The interior is crafted to attract the eye to textures and spaces that enhance one’s living experience. One not only gets a home in this purchase, but a valuable work of art.                        —Terry Dolan


This is a very special house with a beautiful views of trees and  shrubbery that offer unexpected surprises from every angle. Spacious sunny interior.  Visitors have the illusion of living outdoors from the comfort your sofa.  Simplicity itself.  Sculpture and unusual seasonal flowers informs visitors that a very talented artist must have created this special environment.  This house belongs in Architectural Digest.   —Billie Staller


What a surprise to find this elegant oasis. When you pull in the driveway, you notice that the original small front building has a modern addition, interesting colors, roof, two car garage, etc.  Then you find that instead of a sidewalk to the front door there is a zig zag wood plank walk.  Once you enter, you gasp with delight and surprise.  Looking from the high-ceilinged book-filled entrance room, through a great room and kitchen, on to another room beyond to a view of the woods, your eye is caught by the backsplash of gorgeous yellow and blue tiles.  Asked about these tiles, the owners casually say, “Oh, we saw tiles like these at the Borghese Palace in Italy and so Fern painted these.”  Also noted were beautiful stainless steel rods embedded in the wood counter on either side of the stove top….Jay made them so you could put a hot pot there and not harm the counter surface…and they are removable to be washed!  This attention to detail and the artistry involved in creating it are everywhere in this house. Once you are in it, the rest of the world fades away.  Truly extraordinary! Photos don’t do it justice.       —Carol Cole


Someone will find their paradise! Magnificent!!      —Laurie Richter


This is such a wonderful place, We have had some wonderful New Year’s Day dinners…for fourteen —sit down.


I remember when more than 30 people came to your house for a dinner. We put all your drawing and studio tables across the house. Everyone cooked and ate at the ‘one’ table…sometime in the 70s. 


Your wedding party with 120 people was terrific.


Its so great to have the kitchen and the main room open to one another



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