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University of Pennsylvania, B.A., 1965 Temple University, M.Ed., 1971
Martha Graham Dance Technique 1980-83


  *   Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania, Works on Paper
  *   Elizabethtown, PA, Elizabethtown College, The Blind Tongue
      Nyack, NY, Edward Hopper House, 18th Small Matters of Great Importance
  *   Wallingford, PA, Community Arts Center, Circles of Time, installation
      Philadelphia, PA, UArts, Collaborations
      Nyack, NY, Edward Hopper House, Hopper Revisited
  *   Boston, MA, Fort Point Theater Channel, Mark Warhol Opera-Dance, Jeanne’s
      Nyack, NY, Edward Hopper House, 17th Small Matters of Great Importance
      Berman Museum of Art, Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA, Permanent Paper Collection
      Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, “Guarded Identities
      Washington DC, Amnesty International
      Boston MA, HarborArts
      Philadelphia, PA, “Bridge”
  *   Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania, Works on Paper
      Honolulu HI, University of Hawaii, “Shoebox”, International Through 2012
      Boone, NC, Rosen Sculpture Competition and Exhibition, Appalachia State University
      North Charleston, SC, Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition, First Prize
      Bellingham, WA, Big Rock Garden Sculpture Exhibition, Juror’s Award
      Ithaca, NY, Art in the Heart of the City
  *   Doylestown, PA, Michener Museum of Art
  *   Philadelphia, PA, Borowsky Gallery, University of the Arts, “Contemplative Spaces”
      Salisbury, MD, Salisbury University
  *   Rosemont PA, Rosemont College, “Contemplative Spaces”
  *   Harrisburg, PA, Susquehanna Art Museum, “Still and Quiet”
      Tokyo, Osaka, Japan, Kajima Corporation, International Competition
      Burlington County Community College, NJ
      Towson University, MD, Wake Forest University, NC, “Monumental Micros”, Tri-State
      Frederick, MD Drawing to Sculpture, Delaplaine Arts Center
      Kutztown University, PA, “Inner Circles”
  *   Miami-Dade College, Miami, FL
      Blair Athol Castle, Scotland, First British International Wood Sculpture Symposium
      Philadelphia, PA, “Non-Objective Painting and Sculpture”, Art in City Hall
      Philadelphia, PA, Nexus Gallery, “Maquettes for Architectural Projects”
      Woodmere Museum, “Philadelphia Sculptors 2000”
      Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania, “Confronting Cancer”
  *   Collegeville, PA, Berman Museum of Art, Ursinus College
      Miami, FL, University of Miami
      Peekskill, NY, “Clay and Mixed Media Invitational, Moon Viewing Gate 
  *   Philadelphia, PA, Penn’s Landing, “Sunflowers in the City”, Larry Hepner, agronomist;
            Pennsylvania Horticultural Society; Penn Dot
      Fortaleza, Brazil, 2nd International Ephemeral Arts Exhibition, 1990
      Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, Biennial, 1986-2004
  *   Doylestown, PA, Michener Arts Center, “Wheat Drawing”, Larry Hepner, agronomist
  *   Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Art Alliance Philadelphia, PA
      Philadelphia Art Alliance, “Drawing Competition”
  *   Chester Springs, PA, Yellow Springs Institute for the Arts
      New York, NY, Queens College, “Wood” 1967-79 New York NY, AREA
      Utica, NY, Munson Williams Proctor Institute


Outdoor Sculpture Competition and Exhibition, North Charleston, SC, First Prize
Big Rock Garden Sculpture Exhibition, Bellingham, WA , Juror’s First Award
New Forms Regional Grant; Painted Bride, Inter-arts Program of the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts; The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, Inter-Arts Program


2011 Cal State, Dominguez Hills, Guest Artist
2010 Philips Andover, Guest Artist
2009 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Accessible Programs, Form in Art, Guest Artist
1986-2006  Philadelphia University (College of Textiles and Sciences), Faculty
2002 Moore College of Art and Design, Color Theory
1984, 1989 Miami-Dade Community College, Visiting Artist
1988 Temple University School of Architecture, Guest Critique
1984 Queens College, New York, NY
1978-84 Antioch College/Philadelphia, Faculty for Prior Learning
1979-81 University of Miami, Guest Critique


2010 Berman Museum of Art, Collegeville, PA, Works on Paper
2009 Shure School, Tokyo, Japan
1978-2008 City of Philadelphia, PA (4)
2004 Cherokee Apartments, Philadelphia, PA
1998-99 Colgate Corporation, New York, NY
1995-96 Taylor-Omnimed Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA
1992 Linpro Company, Jersey City, NJ, Hudson Street Plaza Design
1992 American Concrete Institute
1987 Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
1986 Potomac Development Corporation
1985-2008 Linpro Company (3)
1983-89 P and A Associates (5), Philadelphia, PA
1982 Brandywine Airport, West Chester, PA
1980 Dade County, FL
1979 Miami-Dade College
1978-85 Rouse and Associates (Liberty Property) (4)
1978 Korman Corporation, Philadelphia, PA
1978 City of Miami, FL


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……August 8, 2008
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Seidel, Miriam, Borowsky Gallery/The Gershman Y, James Fuhrman Contemplative
, November 2007
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“Cityscape” Art in Public Places, Miami, FL, January 1980
“Art Voices”, Penelope McPhee, J Fuhrman, March 1980

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