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See Video:  James Fuhrman Contemplative Spaces: Hortulus Farm Garden Exhibition of five contemplative spaces 2016-2018                                                                      Akebono: Dawn of the New Spring                                                                          



Mountain of Time: Moon and Jupiter, 2013-2015                                                         Cedar 9 x 14 x 4′


Still, Becoming, Visiting Artist, Elizabethtown College 2012                                        Water Gesture: Where does the moon rise.                                                                  Floating Installation, Painted wood, 1 x 20 x 21, 2012-13.


Fire Painting: I seem to have become…
Rustoleum on cardboard, Elizabethtown College, 2012


Wind Painting: Let the piece tell you what it wants to be. 
Rustoleum on plywood, 48 x 48”, Elizabethtown College, 2012 Here, to get more sustained burn, I wanted to pre-‘soak’ a board with heavy drips and globs of paint; the shifting wind ‘moved’ and pushed the paint. Who was I to interfere with that!!!

Enso: Destroying, Cleansing, Burned and Painted plywood, 38 x 26″, 2012


Circles of Time  —  Moments Pause.  Shadows pass.   Mountains grow.
Oak, 6 x 15 x 15′,
Pendle Hill Quaker Center, Wallingford, PA, 2012-2013
Community Arts Center, Wallingford, PA, 2011-12


James Fuhrman Enso painting
Enso: Nature is not quiet
Digitally adjusted image
Ink on Paper, 19 x 24″2012

Works on Paper
University of Pennsylvania,
Burrison Gallery
May 19 – June 29, 2012

Exhibition Images





Recent Exhibitions and Coming:
One Sculpture for Erik Satie opera, Socrate, and Mark Warhol opera, Jeanne, performance, Boston MA, June 2013
Elizabethtown College, Visiting Artist Gallery and Water Installations through 2013
Contemplative Spaces: Works-on-Paper, University of Pennsylvania, Burrison Gallery Philadelphia, PA. Through June 29, 2012 
Circles of Time, Pendle Hill Quaker Center, Wallingford, PA.  Through June 2013
60 Quests – Vessel, University of Hawaii, International Traveling Show. Through Feb. 2012


I am profoundly involved in creating spaces of still and quiet…places of reflection and contemplation…so that they ask me –and the viewer—to pause and listen to the quiet so that we can make sense of ourselves….


I have always searched for the ‘beginnings’. What are the earliest sources of ideas? I am fundamentally connected to deep geologic time…the bedrock.

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