J A M E S   F U H R M A N
Marks and Messages,1992 
Berman Museum of Art,
Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pa.
One person exhibition/installation including sculptures and drawings, poetry,
     process videoand catalog.

Communion Stones, Stainless steel, concrete, oak. Installation 6 x 16 x 12' 
One of four installations of 31 sculptures.

Counterclockwise starting from the front:  
   Newmark's Gift: Gesture of Story
   Speaks Volumes of Ancient and Unknowable Marks
   Play In Time's Telluric Currents: Aosta's Dance

   Community's Dilemma
        Fear of New:Strength of Difference
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        Intensity's Edge   
(Close Image)
        Lines of An Unspeakable Fury

   Transcendant Song
   Lamentation Spiral
   Tempest of Joy: Discovery's Light; Communion's Touch.

Marks and Messages More Images
Exhibition catalog and additional images available on request

Photo: Bob Emmott