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 JAMES FUHRMAN    Contemplative Spaces
The Gershman Y Galleries

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Michener Exhibition


Revealed lines in an ancient tree.
Infinite Space: Unknowable

Borowsky/The Gershman Y Galleries

Philadelphia, PA, 2008
Michener Art Museum, 2008

Fall of snow. Still.
Painted wood, 84 x 84 x 6", 2007

One oak leaf tumbles,
Sails, spirals, swirls to the ground.
In its own world. Rest.

Cedar, 17 x 60 x 36", 2007

James Fuhrman's sculptural environment holds a monumental form in wood, a wall piece of wood, and some haiku-like texts the artist has written. But it also has a place for sitting, an enveloping color on the walls, and the spaces created between the pieces and the viewer. Fuhrman's sculptural work reflects his fascination with the Japanese concept of ma, or the silence and space between things. If this installation were a koan, it might ask, which is more solid, the monument or the air around it?
                      -Miriam Seidel, Curator

Photo: Karen Mauch