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A Part / Apart
Stainless Steel, 53 x 360 x 4", 2008
Commissioned by the City of Philadelphia,Redevelopment Authority 1% For Art Program

This is a site-specific work for a pre-existing, residential building wall with in the high profile Philadelphia Society Hill neighborhood. The wall is located exactly opposite from an elementary school with a widely diverse population. "On an afternoon site visit, I saw parents and grandparents sitting on the wall and in their cars waiting for school dismissal. It was instantly clear that the project wanted to address the 'idea' of the 'city' -- of belonging to and, yet, being separate from all the great variety of ethnic and neighborhood and associations of the city."

Three panel designs were created for the existing 4" deep, 48 x 48" niches; the burnished stainless steel elements of the panels are individual pieces that create a whole greater than the sum of the parts.

The poems are reflections on the state of living together in one city. The languages of the titles were chosen for their relevance to this neighborhood, the owner of the building, and to the City of Philadelphia as a whole.

Spanish - Italian
Russian - Chinese
Vietnamese - Swahili
Hebrew - Arabic

A Part and Apart
One Person, One House, One Block
One City

So Many People
So Much to Unlearn
So Much to Unlearn

6,000 Million People
Connected / Separate.

Brandywine Valley Fabricators and the Artist
Stainless Steel preparation:
Stainless Steel Services, Inc

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